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Survivor New Zealand

Sundays at 7pm & Mondays at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2
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      • Monday 22 May

      PGR A shock move shakes the game to its core. Will alliances endure when Survivor takes a turn for the unexpected?

      • Sunday 21 May

      PGR Hunger strikes hard and desperate times call for desperate measures. Then, the sweet taste of victory is soured when a treasured tribe member begins to struggle.

      • Monday 15 May

      PGR As the weather begins to sour, a challenge puts each Survivor's mental and physical endurance to the test.

      • Sunday 14 May

      PGR Following a shocking blindside, one Survivor delivers a vengeful message to their ex-tribemates. Then, when a test of physical stamina proves too much for one team, alliances begin to crumble.

      • Monday 8 May

      PGR Tonight on Survivor New Zealand, remorse runs rampant as one tribe second guesses a snap decision. Host: Matt Chisholm.

      • Sunday 7 May

      PGR New Series: 16 Kiwi castaways battle it out for the ultimate title.